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About Leslie

Leslie, who was raised in Colorado, began her career in 1974 as a prosecutor in the Office of the New York County District Attorney, and then in the Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor for New York City. She served under Frank Hogan, Robert Morgenthau, and Sterling Johnson, Jr. Prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, and law enforcement personnel remain close friends to this day.

In the summer of 1974, while studying for the New York Bar, Leslie and her friend Lisa Cohen, stopped at the Hotel Pierre to have a glass of wine at the hotel bar. First they were ignored, then they were refused service. The manager approached and said: "The Pierre Hotel does not serve women unaccompanied by men". When Leslie protested, she was told by the manager that he would call security to escort her out. Leslie had visions of being unceremoniously heaved onto Fifth Avenue, but Lisa's more sensible approach prevailed. The next day they sued the Hotel Pierre through the Civil Rights Commission which found in their favor, awarding each of them $350.00. The Commissioner also held that the Hotel could not refuse service to hookers. Leslie now says that for her small piece in the advancement of women's rights, she won women the right to drink alone in a bar and pay for their own drinks. (The Hotel Pierre has never invited Leslie and Lisa back for a drink).

In late 1979, Leslie left the prosecutor's office to join a New York City law firm where her practice consisted primarily of the defense of product liability and general tort litigation for Fortune 500 companies. In 1983, she opened her own law firm in midtown Manhattan: Leslie Lynne Block & Associates, and became her own slave. Leslie created a highly successful law practice, while continuing to focus on both civil and criminal litigation. Leslie is indebted to Corning Glass, one of her wonderful clients, for turning her onto art glass, and thus opening her eyes to the beauty of art in diverse media.

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In 1988, Leslie (who had property in Tucson, Arizona, with her husband Richard Kaye) passed the Arizona bar. Leslie missed the open skies, the celestial lights, the horizon, sunsets, driving a car, and−last but not least−golf. Leslie moved back home to Denver with her husband and became a partner in the top notch litigation firm of Dill, Dill, Carr, Stonbraker & Hutchings, PC. She continued to practice in both the civil and criminal law, trial and appellate, in both State and Federal Courts. She remains grateful to this firm and its fine attorneys.

Upon the sudden death of her husband, Leslie was appointed the Personal Representative (executor) of his Estate, a complex 2-year process which permitted her to experience probate administration from the client's viewpoint. Leslie joined Hutchins & Associates LLC in Denver where she remains of counsel. The Hutchins Firm is widely considered a highly regarded boutique Estate Planning and Probate Administration firm, with a practice throughout the Rocky Mountains. Leslie focuses her practice on litigation services in the field of Wills, Trusts, Estates, and Probate. Given her over 37 year experience in both criminal and civil litigation, in State and Federal Courts, in Colorado, New York, and Arizona, Leslie is able to provide the firm's estate planning and probate clients with skilled and experienced legal services. And, it keeps Leslie sufficiently stressed and intellectually stimulated.

Beginning with the first poster she hung in her college dormitory room, Leslie has loved art. Leslie collects, buys, and sells fine art. Her art has spilled over to the law firm and beyond. She travels the globe in search of art, art galleries, artists, and art museums. She also completed training as a docent for the Denver Art Museum. Leslie's website is a glimpse into the art that she has collected over the years with her limited purse.

Leslie is also a patron of live theatre in Denver. She founded and funded a program at the Denver Center Theatre Company to provide $10 rush ticket to anyone with a student ID to attend live theatre performances. The DCTC is a not-for-profit organization under the umbrella of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. The Theatre Company operates 4 different venues under one roof and is the flagship theatre of the Rocky Mountain Region. Leslie is an enthusiastic member of the Directors' Society − the support group for the Theatre Company. Everyone who loves live theatre performed at critically acclaimed levels, the fellowship of other theatre lovers, and dining with the cast, is encouraged to join this hugely enjoyable group. Bypass the internet: Call David Zupancic, Director of Development at (303) 446-4811.

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